Hello friends, volunteers, and supporters of Immigrant And Refugee Resource Village and New Mexico Women’s Global Pathways New Mexico

 Urgent Needs Towards self sufficiency

How is everyone doing so far? IRRVA/NMWGP are finally settling into a new space in the South East heights, thanks to people who have a heart to share New Mexico Village… spaces.    At Global Pathways we are gearing up for a very busy year.  Been tasked to design and present a fashion show for the 2014 New Mexico Black Expo!!!!  What an honor and privilege to share with you skills learned at Global Pathways.      Is there anyone who can donate dress forms ( all sizes to aid program participants in the designing, construction and any other apparel designs). We have no funds at the moment and grant funds do not come easy for some of us these days.  While at it  can anyone provide some gas vouchers, a new or hardly used serger, a bunch of sewing needles*universal) and thread  and ofcourse ethnic fabrics.  We are from the Americas, Africa, the middle East and Asia and work hard to use traditional textiles when available, but accept textiles from other countries. To donate visit www.irrva.com or mail donations to P.O. Box 93445, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87199.   Thanks to you and may you be safe and well


The Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village/New Mexico Women’s Global Pathways is an organization assisting newcomers, homeless and locals in becoming self sufficient through employment.  They currently have English speaking adults over the age of 18 who are experiencing difficulty finding employment.

Community support is needed to help these individuals gain employment and become self sufficient; here is how you can help:


  • ·         Knowledge of job leads or organizations who would be interested in hiring immigrants and refugees.
  • ·         Vehicle donations – this allows the individuals to job hunt and attend work independently and flexibly (Receipts are available for tax purposes for all car donations).
  • ·         Volunteers to help individuals learn to drive.

If you are able to help in any of these ways please email womensglobalpathways@gmail.com or call “Mama Nkazi” at 505-435-5741. Thank you so much!

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