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New Mexico Global Pathways  a local grass-roots mutual assistance organization provides assistance, free training, and support to refugees, immigrants and low-income families. We aim to create a sustainable economic development center in Albuquerque,New Mexico. Our focus is sewing, weaving, micro enterprise, finance, computer, English as a second Language skills training as well as other strengthened life skills. We wish to see improvement in the area of self-sufficiency and self-help by offering a nurturing environment that respects the self-worth and dignity of women, girls and their families.  Current participants are marginalized local low income people, refugees, asylees, immigrant women, girls and their families.  Families served are from Africa, Asia, the United States Of America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Cuba and Mexico.  NMWGP serves people regardless of their sex, age, sexual orientation, religion or cultural identity.   Case management is provided to all families of participants regardless of membership at our center. We also encourage entrepreneurship among our young boys and girls.  Men also participate in sewing, weaving, English and other strengthened life skills.

(ESL time with our volunteer tutors!)

Clothing and bags carefully hand-crafted by the artisans.

(Clothing and bags hand-crafted with care by our artisans)

(Childcare is also available.)

We wish to preserve the various cultures represented in our program, while fusing them to formulate a unified and loving community. We aim to also address physical, social and emotional needs through donations and collaborations in the community. Most of all we want each woman and family to feel like they are a part of a village that they can turn to when in need.

communityhandsImmigrant And Refugee Resource Village Of Albuquerque and New Mexico

Women’s Global Pathways work hard to help people find jobs in collaboration with local agencies for those who need to become self sufficient through employment.

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