Our Mission and Work


Our mission is to empowering the most marginalized populations of New Mexico including refugee, other immigrant local low income women  girls and their families, to attain self sufficiency through education, economic development, and strengthened life skills, thereby addressing the social, economical, emotional and educational needs of their children. We are a New Mexico Not for profit organization and an economic arm of the Immigrant Refugee Resource Village Of Albuquerque that has a 501 c (3) status ( www.irrva.com)

Main focus is to build strong financial futures for vulnerable children, their families and communities. Many refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, local low income marginalized families lack the earnings, resources, assets or social support systems that are necessary to meet their needs to thrive well. The majority of participants in our organization were born and raised in refugee camps, come from impoverished countries or are born and raised in New Mexico impoverished communities that are disconnected from the economic mainstream.

Microenterprise Development Program: This program enables refugees, immigrants and low income people hit hard by hardship to become  financially independent by helping them develop capital resources and business  expertise to start, expand, or strengthen their own business. The program  seeks to provides training and technical assistance in business plan development,  management, bookkeeping, and marketing to equip refugees with the skills they  need to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our Commitment

NMWGP is committed to promoting leadership, independence, self-sufficiency, advocacy, and networking for refugee, asylee,  immigrant and other local low women hit hard by hardship.

NMWGP seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy to aid these families secure adequate incomes, stabilize their finances, accumulate savings, raise healthy, happy, strong and academically achieving children and reside in vibrant and economically sustainable communities.


  • Education including learning English As A Second language and basic literacy;
  • Children: Change the conditions faced by refugee, immigrant and other marginalized youth of color by building a comprehensive network of support from birth into adulthood;
  • Early childhood development leading to reading proficiency by 3rd grade, high school graduation and pathways to meaningful employment;
  • Economic Development and training;
  • Participating and empowerment;
  •  Gender equity;
  • address homelessness among participating families
  •  Leadership Development;
  • Preservation of customs and heritage;
  • Respect and embrace diversity;
  • Promote peace and understanding
  • Eliminate all forms of violence and discrimination against women;

Please note: 

Boys and men are served as well through other strengthened life skills, ESL and vocational skills training.

New Mexico Women’s Global Pathways serves all regardless of sexual orientation, sex, identity, age, religion, education or cultural origin.

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