Our Supporters

We are especially grateful to the La Mesa Presbyterian Church for their support as a fiscal agent. They have opened their doors to us and hosted our programs including English tutoring training classes, board meetings, Village Feasts with the refugee families and community supporters and more. Thanks to their pastor Trey Hammond for his continual support.

sdopWe also thank the Self-Development of People for their partnership during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. They have given generous support which has helped us with being able to fund child-care, marketing, purchasing of sewing machines, fabrics and other much needed supplies for our sewing center. Without their support we also would not have had the high-quality fabrics needed to host our first WGP Fashion Show fund-raising event in June 2012. Much thanks!! (Learn more about SDOP here —> http://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministeries/promote-sdop)

To the Albuquerque Academy Half the Sky club young women and POWER (Promotion of Women’s Education and Rights)we say thank you very much for supporting families resettling in Albuquerque and helping the children in particular with school work and helping them and their families to feel welcomed, as they intergrate into their receiving communities. Special gratitude to Katherine Daugherty, students and staff who worked hard and raised funds for NMWGP through SharYour Care event held December 8, 2012 and for the Read To Excel Holiday Party sponsored by POWER, IRRVA And NMWGP On December 21, 2013

We extend our gratitude to our community, local businesses for all the donations we have received over the years that have clothed and fed many families in the Albuquerque area. We are grateful to volunteers and community leaders who have been patient with the process as we learn and grow as an organization.

Thank you Albuquerque Journal for your constant support. Special thanks, also to the Office of African American Affairs and the Isora  Foundation for their generous contributions.

Ms Rae Tate (below) continues to volunteer her time, energy and resources and teaches us sewing and other related skills since January 2010. Thanks for your understanding, compassion and patience. You have been a mother, friend and a rock!!!!